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3 Simple Actions to Kick Start Your Busy Season

3 Simple Tips to Stay On Top of Your Books this Spring It’s that time of year again! Springtime brings warm weather and more construction projects to keep up with. You may be wondering what to do to get your books up to date and to stay on track for your busy season. Here are a couple suggestions: Visit with your bookkeeper It doesn’t have…

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Irregular Payroll Help

A Complicated Situation for Small Business Payroll can be difficult for smaller businesses when they employ seasonal, temporary, or employees as needed. Some companies turn to the idea of a 1099 or subcontractor, but the IRS and state agencies have been cracking down on the difference between employee (W-2), and subcontractor (1099). A typical subcontractor can perform the same job for other companies, including your…

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3 Successful Ways To Outsource Bookkeeping and Operations

Becoming Successful With Outsourcing Bookkeeping and Operations Other than the standard save time, save money and save your sanity general blanket statement given Dragon Financial can always find at least three specific ways outsourcing can enhance your plan to be successful. Did you know that most businesses will fail within the 1st 1, 2 and 5 years? Why is that? Well, it can be for many reasons,…

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