May 2020

Virtual Bookkeeping To Help With Covid-19 With Covid-19 causing havoc with businesses around the country, it’s a struggle to keep things straight.  Lock-down orders might be preventing businesses from opening, forcing them to have employees work from home where possible. If employees get sick, they can’t work at all. With all this going on, your business might need help keeping on top of things. That’s


December 2019

The Importance of Bookkeeping Bookkeeping is one of the most important aspects of running a business. You need those records to know exactly how much you’re spending, to calculate your taxes, and estimate your business needs for next year. Without accurate records, it can be hard to plot reasonable growth expectations, leading to more expenses than you can cover. But you already know this, don’t


November 2019
September 2019

Taxes and IRS Headaches Nobody Likes dealing with the IRS, mainly because nobody ever likes to deal with taxes.  The system is labyrinthine and often confusing.  It changes regularly, adding new taxes, removing old ones, making minor changes to existing codes.  Somewhere in all of this is the intent to make the system more efficient, but the end result never feels that way.  To help


January 2019

Death and Taxes             The United States has a rough history with taxes.  Even so, taxes are as inevitable as death.  Tax season can be an ugly mess.  It’s one of the most stressful periods for small business owners.  It can be a very time consuming process, especially if you don’t do it right.  So, here’s a few things to have ready to make tax


October 2018
February 2017

3 Simple Tips to Stay On Top of Your Books this Spring It’s that time of year again! Springtime brings warm weather and more construction projects to keep up with. You may be wondering what to do to get your books up to date and to stay on track for your busy season. Here are a couple suggestions: Visit with your bookkeeper It doesn’t have


September 2016

Why You Need a Virtual Assistant and What You Should Look For There are many life saving advantages of virtual assistance. Running a business is tough work, and it’s even tougher when you do it by yourself. Your time is important so hiring someone to take care of a few things will give you more time to focus on revenue generating activities. Not to mention,


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August 2016

Bookkeeping mistakes to eliminate to increase your profitability…and what to do instead. Bookkeeping is an important part of running a successful business. Keeping detailed financial records is very important because that information is used by several sources including tax authorities and potential investors. Keeping your bookkeeping records free of errors can increase your profitability. Here are three common mistakes: 1) Avoid waiting to record your



Save your sanity with these easy to follow steps Have any of us ever not felt the wear of the daily grind? Between aggravating stop and go traffic, endless assignments from upper management, and the essential demands of a personal life, we all must at some point feel that we cannot take anymore. The dreaded word “overwhelmed” enters into our life and infects all the facets



August 2016

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