Life Saving Advantages of Virtual Assistance

Why You Need a Virtual Assistant and What You Should Look For

There are many life saving advantages of virtual assistance. Running a business is tough work, and it’s even tougher when you do it by yourself. Your time is important so hiring someone to take care of a few things will give you more time to focus on revenue generating activities. Not to mentioAdvantages of Virtual Assistancen, the faster you get done with your work, the faster you can get back to life outside of the office. Think about it: just because you can do everything, doesn’t mean you should – taking on too many tasks at once greatly decreases the quality and efficiency of any one person’s abilities.

What are some attributes of a good assistant?

  • They get the job done right, and done fast
    • You can get your work done, knowing that they’re completing theirs
  • They have a positive attitude and an aptitude for success, as well as the necessary skill set
    • Just having the knowledge to complete the work isn’t everything
  • They understand what is required of them and can ask questions or find information from reasonable sources
    • Things are better when time isn’t wasted explaining the same thing over and over

Having an assistant is great, but what are the advantages of a virtual assistance?

  • You don’t pay to set up our work space
    • We already have our own computers, equipment, software, and tools
  • You don’t have to pay to train us
    • This is what we specialize in; we are already experts at our jobs
  • You pay for as much or as little time that you need us
    • No hourly fixed schedules to set up
  • We work as a consultant
    • No employee benefits or employment taxes to manage
  • We understand what it’s like to be a small business owner
    • We know your business is important to you, just like ours is to us

There are so many choices for virtual assistants in this world today, so how do you choose?

  • Be honest with yourself and don’t wait until you are desperate
    • We know you’re amazing, but you don’t have to do it all
    • Figure out what you can outsource and then select the best entity for the job
  • Pick someone with experience
    • You don’t want to pay for them to figure it out as they go
  • Do research based on reviews and your expectations
    • Find someone who is committed to save you time, money, and your sanity
  • Pick your favorite
    • If there’s more than one choice, conduct a short personal interview
    • Feel free to discuss your expectations to make sure they can be met


A great assistant shares your business goals. They respect you as a business owner. Their successes are your successes. It’s important that they can meet your expectations and that you can trust them to complete their projects and keep the details private. At Dragon Financial, we want to see you succeed and grow, just like we have.

Stephanie Gray

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