3 Ways to Reduce Stress and Increase Productivity

Save your sanity with these easy to follow steps

Have any of us ever not felt the wear of the daily grind? Between aggravating stop and go traffic, endless assignments from upper management, and the essential demands of a personal life, we all must at some point feel that we cannot take anymore. The dreaded word “overwhelmed” enters into our life and infects all the facets of it. For a small business to be successful, a good manager not only knows how to deal with these problems but also how to extend that healing to the rest of the company to save time, money, and even sanity. Here are a few steps to keep you and your company’s productivity up and your stress levels down.3 Business Must Haves for the End of the Year

1. Understand Control

Control is something that everyone wants and seeks. It is the driving factor that creates a new CEO and at the same time is behind a new way to organize your pen cup. When we have control of our lives we find ourselves less stressed because everything is going “according to plan”.
Unfortunately we cannot, however, be in control of everything. Trying to control situations that are beyond us is going to be one of the primary drivers of stress in our lives. Because of this, we have to focus on, or rather recognize so we do NOT focus on, things out of our control. So the next time you find yourself in Portland’s rather infamous traffic, ask yourself if it is something you can control. (hint: no. It isn’t)


2. Find an Outlet

The honest truth is no matter what you do to reduce the buildup of stress, it is part of your adult life. While there are many things you can do to reduce said build-up, it is critical to find positive ways to deal with the built up stress you will inevitably run into.
One of the best outlets you may find is to turn one of the previously mentioned stress causes into a stress outlet. Your personal life is only a cause of stress if you let it be in competition with your work. Use that time to meet new people, do an activity with your family, or find some alone time to do whatever interests you the most. This time is just as valuable and critical as the time you spend at your job. If you can use it well it will help you control that terrible “overwhelmed” word and increase your own productivity.


3. Delegate

If you read the last point and thought to yourself “I would take up fishing but I just don’t have the time” Or made up another different but similar excuse stating that you cannot take advantage of a good stress outlet because work keeps you too busy, chances are pretty good you’ll need to apply this tip first.
In an article shared through Forbes, Erkia Andersen’s #1 tip to reducing the overwhelmed feeling is: “Only do what only you can do” and challenges us to do the following: “For the next few days, before you do anything, ask yourself Am I the only person who can do this? Should I be the only person who can do this? If the answer to either question is no, don’t do it.”

If we try to be everything and do everything in our companies, we will find ourselves increasingly overwhelmed to the point that nothing gets done. We must not let our desire for control make us poor delegators and ruin our personal lives.
Our moto here at Dragon Financial is that we will save you time, money, and your sanity. We know that we can help relieve the stress and time that comes from bringing someone from the outside into the office or even doing the books yourself! Bookkeeping is something that can easily be done remotely. This delegation options frees up your time (which IS money) which you can now use to learn how to tie clinch knot to fasten that hook to your line.
So go out with the girls. Recognize you won’t be able to control the weather and role with it. And delegate to someone else to pick the restaurant. This will put you back in control of your life and keep you far away from being overwhelmed while at the same time saving you time, money, and sanity.

Stephanie Gray

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