Can Your Construction Business Grow With Virtual Assistance?

Virtual Assistance for the Construction Industry

If you are like most contractors who work for yourself or use a crew you are usually up and on the job site before the banks open and work till the job is done. Always in demand is the need for proposals, project management, ordering and sometimes picking up different materials for the job or the next job. The job cycle never ends. Physically exhausting is manual labor and mentally exhausting is business management. Can your company grow with virtual assistance?

Save Time While Growing Your Business

Most construction companies start as a self employed general contractor, obviously you are wearing all the hats and performing all the labor yourself. Many timesVirtual Assistance this means 12-16 hour days in the busy season and still even 12 hour days during the slow season. Want to catch up on sleep? A part time virtual assistant can log into your computer and save you time in the daily paperwork, accounts receivables, making sure the bills are being paid, or even just organizing the files. You pay for what you need, and you spend a whole less time training a professional assistant than you would most employees.

The best part is that you don’t always need to be in your office. You can be on the job site making money and if you are needed, we can call you. Spend your time in growing your income while the virtual assistant manages more of the operational side of the business.

If you have a crew you manage your virtual assistant can manage the employee scheduling, keeping the crew paid on time, organizing employee contracts, and overall reducing the management time of a crew. If wanted, you can actually take a day off and let your business run itself.

Reduce Your Liability


You are an expert in all things construction, that’s why you got into the business. The last thing you need is a problem with the IRS, or having enough insurance to cover your liabilities, or worrying about paying bills and invoices. We have the experience with those areas to keep you in check, to manage operations successfully to keep you busy with work and not another crisis. We will set you up with a procedural plan that is simple to follow and when followed it reduces your overall liability as a business and even save you time with business management.

Investing Your Time Wisely

Most companies we work with find between 5%-25% more time to grow their business with the various bookkeeping, operational and financial management services we offer. How many more sales are you missing out because of the time you spend managing the daily operations? How many more jobs can you and your crew handle? How many more crew members could you hire to take on those jobs?  Overall ask yourself how much you want to grow and what it can look like.


How much do you need to commit to using a virtual office assistant? It can vary, some businesses need regular part time assistance, while some only need as is. The part time could be as little as a few hours a month or as many as a few half days per week. It is all based on what your goals are. Whether you are buried under a mountain of paperwork, want to double your income, or just want to spend a few more hours with your family, we can help you find a solution that fits your goals.

Can Your Construction Business Grow With Virtual Assistance?
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Can Your Construction Business Grow With Virtual Assistance?
Learn how your construction company can benefit from virtual assistance. Save more time and money using a virtual assistant to enable you to be successful.
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