3 Reasons Why You Want A Virtual Assistant To Help Your Growing Business

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With the ever increasing costs of employees, finding office space for them while you invest time spent hiring and training, it’s no wonder why it’s becoming ever more popular to outsource to a virtual assistant in managing different parts of your growing business. Here are 3 reasons why you and many of our clients take advantage of our virtual assistant outsourcing programs.

3 Reasons

  1. You reduce your business liability. With as many years Dragon Financial has been in business providing services such as bookkeeping, payroll, office management, file management, and other various operations we are experts. Clients don’t have to look over our shoulders, and are confident in knowing that what we do is done right the first time with secure programs designed to protect sensitive information which is compliant for all types of business standards. Which means your business runs smoothly with less hiccups causing losses of time and money or even the IRS knocking on your door. Even better is that we maintain client confidentiality, you can be confident knowing that confidential company information won’t be leaked on social media, the break room or other places you wouldn’t sources that could potentially harm your business.
  2. You save money. You save money on taxes because you are outsourcing instead of having a W-2 employee. You save money fringe benefits such as healthcare, vacation pay, sick leave, or workman’s comp insurance. Even more so, you don’t need to budget in additional office space for an in house assistant.
  3. You save time. Schedules are freed up. You don’t have to be there for us to work. Simply email or cloud file share the necessary documents and we take care of the rest. Initially we may need to call you from time to time to verify pieces of information, but with the programs we use it will be infrequent because of our specialty operational procedures that are designed to reduce your time needed for business management.

Virtual assistants focus full time on the part time efforts, needed by small business. We take our own time and resources to invest in software programs and needed training to keep us on top of industry standards. Each of our virtual assistance management plan is customized to the individual need of the client. Based on your industry and business niche you may need to outsource a few to as many pieces needed of your operational and daily business management.

Here are a few examples of industries we work with and how they utilize our virtual assistant services.

  • IT/Technology Fields (computer technician, software development, website developer, etc): Bill pay, bookkeeping and reporting, invoice tracking, data entry, and even operational cost comparisons.
  • Construction/General Contractor, Professional Service Specialists (new construction, remodelers, painter, roofer, plumber, handyman, HVAC, etc.): Non regular payroll, bookkeeping, financial reports, office and file management, office systems set up and training.
  • Medical/Alternative Medicine (medical practice, chiropractor, acupuncture, counselors, etc): Bookkeeping, patient payment invoicing and management,
  • Non Profit Organizations: Part time office management, bookkeeping, generate meeting agendas, financial consulting, file management, and resource information gathering (when other services are needed we take time to research for them).

Other industries that benefit from our virtual assistant programs are small retail businesses, self employed individuals, property management groups and the automotive mechanics and body shops.

Often the price point we see needed for Dragon Financial’s virtual assistant programs save freelancers and self employed individuals between 10-20 hours per month of work, whereas with small businesses it can save on average 2x the hours saved or more depending on the size of their business.


What are your biggest challenges with your business? What will you do with that time saved? How many more customers will you take on per month because of the time saved? The benefits are almost endless with the use of our virtual assistance programs. Businesses can use them part time, one time, or as needed to make our programs more flexible than other virtual assistant companies available. We often work with CPA’s and recommend you doing so as well. Overall saving you time, money and saving your sanity, which is what we do best.

Stephanie Gray

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