Irregular Payroll Help

A Complicated Situation for Small Business

Payroll can be difficult for smaller businesses when they employ seasonal, temporary, or employees as needed. Some companies turn to the idea of a 1099 or subcontractor, but the IRS and state agencies have been cracking down on the difference between employee (W-2), and subcontractor (1099).

A typical subcontractor can perform the same job for other companies, including your competitor. They can also set their own schedule based on a contract between you and them. Using a standard payroll company often requires long term contracts or additional fees, while a PEO company (Professional Employment Organization) will have additional fees that are beyond what is needed.

Dragon Financial came up with a solution several years ago for irregular payroll schedules. Our team works on as an as needed hourly basis to provide payroll for companies that have both standard employees and employees that don’t fit with the standard mold. We take the time to consult with you based on your needs and give you solutions to keep costs down, while allowing your time to be freed up.

A Major Worry

Most are worried that with an irregular payroll plan standard payroll items will be missed or harder to manage. Not true. Payment to the employee will be on time, necessary funds withheld for both your taxes as well as the employees, payment are automatically made during the due date range of paying taxes. Even your fraud liability goes down because we make sure you, or an authorized representative that you have allowed makes the signature before payments are processed. There is no money changing between the company and so the risk of fraud is negated.

Overall Results

Satisfaction is achieved by saving small business owners time on managing payroll, saving money without long term contracts or extra fees. Keeping all parties happy with on time payments with no risk involved. What will you do with extra time, money and peace of mind?

Stephanie Gray

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