Cloud Office Management

Cloud Office Management

Combining the cloud with office management saves your business more money, time and sanity.

Are you considering going virtual? Mobile? Have you tried going online and are finding it difficult managing everything?

Common concerns with cloud office management include the seemingly complex options available, the possibility of losing information, or the headache of transitioning into the cloud. So many businesses question whether to go completely cloud based, stay out of the cloud or work some form of combination.

What the cloud provides.

The cloud has opened up many options and possibilities of saving money and time. From an office management and bookkeeping solution perspective, we have quicker access to customer files, sharing important data and files faster to important team members involved, linking bank accounts into bookkeeping software, outsourcing capabilities, more tools for meetings and much much more. Our customers end up saving an average 10%-2cloud-devices5% of their invoices from us to manage for them because of the cloud tools we use compared to outsourcing to non cloud based office management and bookkeeping companies.

Security is provided. Many online file storage or cloud software systems have firewalls set in place to protect your information. Making sure you change your password regularly with a complex password, maintaining your own computer and firewall updates will typically maintain all the security you need.

The cloud offers seamless solutions. Many software programs, such as Microsoft, Intuit, Act, and other major software developers have a cloud version or a linking version of the software. Making it easier than ever to learn and maintain a cloud based office management system.

How to determine how much cloud to use.

What kind of business are you? Is there any particular laws or special security measures you need to take? How much time do you want to save? Are you willing to learn more functions of the cloud, your computer and other mobile devices?

We use both online and offline management solutions for our customer’s needs. Usually combining both cloud file storage and offline paper storage as are needed for tax documents, client files, payroll, or specially requested files.

Overall the world is moving towards speedy cloud based software systems which have proven effective in office management, bookkeeping and other areas of office management. Mobile device usage is becoming more popular with the advent of smart phones and tablets. We can now work with clients with multiple offices, across state lines and at less time than the old model of outsourcing office management.

Stephanie Gray

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