5 Simple Tips To A Cleaner Office

5 quick and simple tricks to a cleaner office and a happier you.

help-mediumEver noticed how more easily distracted you become with piles of paperwork, sticky notes, or other “necessary” items that accumulate in your work space?

A messy office can lead to more stress, distractions and even failure to stay on top of that project due tomorrow. Keeping a system in place to stay organized and eliminate clutter in your office regularly will ensure you not only look better, but help you to stay on top of your game mentally.

Here are 5 simple tips for a cleaner office that will organize the papers and other items in your office to ensure a happy clutter free workspace.

1. Start with a plan: You don’t need to spend a long time on this part, but it is essential. Divide your office into areas or zones for different items and their uses.  Ask yourself what you want from your office and is it currently filling your needs, any annoyance that comes to mind will probably be something you want to address in the planning. Set up areas according to your daily functions with your wants and needs in mind. You may need to set up an area of daily used items like forms next to the filing cabinets. If you are having to waste too much time in walking for a specific item you may move that closer to your desk. Optimizing your area based on wants, needs, and functions will increase time efficiency and reduce minor office stresses.

2. Prioritize your desk: What do you really need to perform your job? Remember, you have an office to store long term items, and your desk isn’t the place for an art show. Keep only the items that you need in arm’s length around you on your desk. Limit the number of pens, keep one notebook, only one picture of your entire family versus a photo album row of pictures (keep a wall of pictures in your home to show off the family to guests, or keep an online photo album if asked about your family). Remember, organizing your desk is about simplifying and eliminating which results in a more streamlined work performance.

3. Sort and clean the hidden treasures and corners: That’s right, the unseen, often unused hidden corners of the office. It has been said, if you have to clean a room start with the corners because the main area will be taken care of. Why? Well obviously we all see the main areas and can remember to clean them, and cleaning the corners enhances how messy the main area in our minds and we naturally are more inclined to clean what is easily seen. Go through your desk drawers, your once a year storage item cabinets, anything not open or used regularly is your targeted mission.

4. Get into cleaning mode: Getting rid of old and unused items, filing papers, taking the trash out and other items. We all have to do it, the trick is setting a limit. Whether it is a limit of piles, or a scheduled time limit, set your standard and stick to it. Eventually cleaning becomes only 5-10 minutes of cleaning on a regular basis, which saves a lot of headache down the road. Take piles of paperwork and file them or toss them, dust your workspace, disinfect, wipe down monitors, put away disheveled items. Eventually this becomes a habit, then second nature to your regular routine.

5. Don’t use your email system as a reminder system: In all reality, how many emails do you receive on a daily basis? Emails come from clients, newsletters, office communications, the occasional spam email that comes to your inbox. Most email users are prone to ignore email notifications, unless it is from a big boss or very big client. Not to mention if you email yourself the day before, chances are by the time you are going to open that email you will look through another set of emails, work on something else and forget to read the “to do” email. Instead of emailing yourself, learn to use a “task” option in your email or calendar system. Most email systems like Outlook, Gmail and Thunderbird have a task section and can notify at a later scheduled time.

You will notice how much more focused or on task work can become with a clean and streamlined office space. These simple tricks will provide a quick boost in helping you enjoy your workspace more, maintain that professional look and overall just help you feel better. Enjoy your office more with tips and tricks from Dragon Financial.


Stephanie Gray

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