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There are many companies that are quite willing to provide financial services for a fee. Some are even willing to seek out Office and Bookkeeping Solutions for clients that client information that will be useful in tailoring their services to specific client needs. But it is rare that a financial services company is willing to also dedicate the time and resources necessary to create an interconnectivity with its clients that also provides for instant communications resources between the two.

An often overlooked but valuable and key aspect of a “user friendly” and dynamic, full-service financial services company is its underlying willingness to stay connected with the specific business and financial goals of its clients. One true test of how dedicated a services company will be in taking care of their client is how state-of-the-art their communications systems are.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistance is the ability to have remote access to reports, important paperwork, bookkeeping and other necessary office management products and services via “the cloud” at the convenience of the client ­- day or night, weekends and holidays. It does not matter whether the client is at the office, traveling anywhere in the world or on vacation. The fact that the client has full access 24/7 means a huge savings of money and time, with no need for extra resources.

And, best of all, virtual assistant is simple to set up and a snap to maintain. It is as easy as placing information in the correct folder so the client can have instant access. There is no longer a need to shuffle papers, play the phone tag game or waste valuable minutes while someone looks up information or shuffles through papers looking for the correct document.

Virtual Advantages

Both the client and the financial services company become increasing more synchronized as virtual assistance methods employ a systematic orchestration and management of the information flow between the two. It really is the best of both worlds that creates a harmony of communications and process organization, indispensable for highly efficient and successful companies.

Additional advantages that save the client financially include:

  • Create efficiencies and money savings by neutralizing annoying interruptions
  • Remote, long distance and immediate access to distant offices
  • Instant availability of important papers for review and signatory
  • Projects are managed quickly and efficiently, even to remote travel locations
  • Confidentiality is maintained between the financial services company, the client and third parties

Let us become a part of you most valued business resources and we will help you to enjoy your business more!

Stephanie Gray

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